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  • Helps adhere skin to the muscle.
  • Special for flattening abdominal skin after tummy tuck.
  • Covers the abdomen for tightening loose skin.
  • Adapts to every body shape.
  • Designed for post-surgical procedures, soft and flexible to provide maximun comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic internal fabric with microcapsules that prevents bacteria.
  • Avoid creases after surgery.


  • Ayuda que la piel se adhiera al musculo.
  • Se adapta al cuerpo.
  • Esta diseñada para utilizarlo bajo la faja.
  • Es ideal para post operatoria ya que al ser suave y Flexible
  • Brinda comodidad en la zona abdominal.
  • Evita los pliegues después de los Postquirúrgicos.


How to use


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Live the technology of our garments, which shape your figure, moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

  • Taking

    Wash your girdles by hand with neutral soap. Avoid doing it with abrasive detergents.

    Avoid hanging them in a place directly in the sun.

  • care

    Do not wring or twist the girdle with your hands, you could deform it.

    Never put it in the dryer as the lycra and elastic elements can be damaged.

  • of your

    If your girdles include strips or suspenders, it is convenient to remove them before washing and do it separately. This will prevent them from warping.

  • faja

    Dry zippers and snaps by hand, with a towel, or with paper to prevent rust and help keep their shape.

It is the mind that shapes the body.