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2029-Orchidea Extra Body Control-Bootylifting

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Gluteal lift system

• Body lift and control effect naturally to help you look slimmer and leaner.

• This is a shaping girdle with a special design on the waist covered with ergonomic rods in a spiral shape that adapts to your body, achieving the desired hourglass figure covering the area between the hip and rib cage.

• It is designed with flat and smooth seams that prevent the least noticeable under the outer clothing and its fabrics are so comfortable that you will hardly notice that you are wearing them.

• They are control garments with the latest in smart fabrics fully lined in stretch fabrics, which help you feel more comfortable and fresh.

• Micro capsules in Aloe Vera that hydrate the skin.

• This garment helps you in the waist and enhances the bust in a natural way.

• Shoulder adjuster comes in three positions and shoulder padding for greater comfort

• Silicone lace with the latest anti-allergy technology that does not allow it to roll up or mark the skin

• Comes with a soft layer under the hooks to protect the skin

•An ideal garment for post-surgical treatments

• High back with excellent coverage ideal for post-surgical treatments


How to use


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Live the technology of our garments, which shape your figure, moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

  • Taking

    Wash your girdles by hand with neutral soap. Avoid doing it with abrasive detergents.

    Avoid hanging them in a place directly in the sun.

  • care

    Do not wring or twist the girdle with your hands, you could deform it.

    Never put it in the dryer as the lycra and elastic elements can be damaged.

  • of your

    If your girdles include strips or suspenders, it is convenient to remove them before washing and do it separately. This will prevent them from warping.

  • faja

    Dry zippers and snaps by hand, with a towel, or with paper to prevent rust and help keep their shape.

It is the mind that shapes the body.